Friday, November 26, 2010

#1 book read for Thankfully Reading Weekend!

The Christmas Cat (Includes: De Piaget, #5)The Christmas Cat by Julie Beard

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I love Christmas and I loved these stories. They were all Christmas romances with a cat involved in helping the hero and heroine find each other. My favorite was "The Gift of Christmas Past" by Lynn Kurland. Abigail took a plunge in a pond and ended up in 1238 in an English moat! From there it just got better and better. I'm partial to time travel and Lynn Kurland is so good at writing it. This story was about Miles de Piaget, one of the de Piaget brothers who so many of Kurland's stories are about. Her characters are always strong and stubborn and very interesting. Humor abounds and there is always love and a happy ending. These stories will make your Christmas even brighter!

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  1. Oh I love time travel stories. This is one that I haven't read. I love how a book can become a tradition and really set the whole mood of the holidays. Great choice.

  2. My rule of thumb is to stay away from books with animal characters. I find that I *always* end up crying.

  3. Okay I'm going to buy this one! I need something to properly get me in the Christmas spirit!

  4. I'm eager to read a holiday book or two. Too many bleak reads lately.

    How did your Thankfully Reading Weekend go? I hope you read at least one fantastic book.

    Here's my post about my experience with Thankfully Reading:

  5. Sounds like a wonderful book to get in the holiday spirit!

  6. Sounds like a good one, as a cat lover, I may have to pick up a copy!