Saturday, January 7, 2012

Should I do another reading challenge????

Well, I am a sucker for those challenges that have certain requirements...and I love bracelets!!! What does that mean? It means I'm signing up for the

For this year’s reading challenge, each month has been assigned a color (along with some common alternate words to add variety). You just have to find a book with that color in the title. That’s it! As you read, come post the title and author of the book for that month. This challenge is hosted by Books Make Me Happy. At the end of the year… anyone who has post EACH MONTH, and completed ALL COLORS, will receive a handmade bracelet with a bead for each color, and a book charm to finish it off. There will also be a grand prize (one random winner, only) basket of lovely, color themed books, but that will be a WIP during the year. In order to qualify for the bracelet, or be entered into the grand prize drawing for the basket, you MUST post each month with your title/author. If you post any reviews about the books you’ve read for this challenge, please post the link in your comment and it will be sent out on Books Make Me Happy Twitter and Facebook streams. *All books must be at least 200 pages, or the ebook equivalent.*

Colors for each month are:

•January – Red (burgundy, claret, crimson, fuschia, garnet, magenta, maroon, ruby, scarlet, rose, cherry)

•February – Purple (violet, lavendar, amethyst, lilac, plum, periwinkle)

•March – Aquamarine (teal, tourquoise)

•April – Clear (transparent, transluscent, crystal, diamond)

•May – Green (emerald, jade, malachite, lime, pine, sage)

•June – Black

•July – Pink (blush, carnation, mauve)

•August - Brown (chocolate, tan, bronze)

•September – Blue (cobalt, cerulean, navy, indigo, sapphire)

•October – White (snowy)

•November – Orange (peach, salmon, coral, tangerine, copper)

•December – Silver (sterling, platinum, chrome, gray)

Now go on over to Books Make Me Happy and join this challenge!!! See you there!

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