Sunday, January 22, 2012

Guardian of Time by Linda Hawley

Guardian of Time (The Prophecies, #2)Guardian of Time by Linda Hawley

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It’s the near future, and society is government controlled. Technology tracks everyone, personal privacy does not exist, and even food supplies are being monitored. The hope for freedom lies in the operations of an underground organization, GOG, which fights against worldwide oppression. Their most powerful weapon is Ann Torgeson, a paranormally-gifted operative, who unseals The Prophecies with her powers. With the government doggedly pursuing her, she goes underground, fleeing the Pacific Northwest, but not before leaving three murders, one suicide, and an explosion behind her. Will she and her companions survive to change the world after everything twists and turns upside down?(

This is really a different kind of time travel. This book is the 2nd in this series and the story is unfolding more and more. At the end of the last book, we were led to believe that Ann was going down in a plane crash. Common sense told us that that couldn't be because there's more to her story, but it sure sounded like she was gone. This book goes back and sets things up again, and using her Herkimer crystal, Ann believes she helped the pilot steer out of what would have been a fatal crash. Ann is trying to put things together. She remembers more about the Guardian of Time and The Prophecies, meets Chow again, and is taken away from her current life. She further develops her paranormal abilities and discovers a way she can help the human race. This novel is well-written and moves along with events taking place that you don't expect. Of course, there is a cliff-hanger at the end to lead us into the next book!

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