Thursday, December 15, 2011

What are your Top 10 Christmas Movies?

My husband came across this article listing the Top Ten Best Christmas Movies of All Time. I'm sorry, but I have to disagree. Here is the article's list:

10. Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol - the 1951 adaptation. The author also suggests the musical version - Scrooge. (Okay, I can live with that one.)

9. 1947 telling of Miracle on 34th Street. (Love that one, too.)

8. Gremlins (Whaatt?? Don't get it.)

7. Elf (Okay, I love Elf, too.)

6. The Bishop's Wife (also a favorite of mine)

5. A Christmas Story (I expected this to be on the list, but I never even heard of it until I was in my 30's.)

4. 1941 (Never heard of it. )

3. The Nightmare Before Christmas (You've got to be kidding.)

2. Brazil (Excuse me, what? Is that a Christmas film?)

1. Die Hard (This is just too bizarre. What has this world come to?)

Here's my list -- these are the movies/shows my family watches EVERY year and I also included the animated ones because it wouldn't be Christmas without them:

1. White Christmas (a classic -- I saw it with my Dad at the big movie theatre in our small town when I was 5 and every year since!)

2. Miracle of 34th Street (watch it every year at Thanksgiving)

3. It's a Wonderful Life (a great movie -- can you hear those bells ringing, Clarence?)

4. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (my husband had my Dad record this when it was on and we were attending a work Christmas party when we were dating)

5. How the Grinch Stole Christmas (the animated version is still the best -- at least in our house)

6. Unaccompanied Minors (this is a more recent film, but it was hilarious in the theater and just as hilarious every year we watch it on DVD)

7. The Santa Clause (just watched it again the other night...the first one is the best)

8. A Charlie Brown Christmas (Wouldn't be Christmas if we didn't watch this.)

9. The Bishop's Wife (this is also one I saw when I was young and loved it ever since)

10. An American Christmas Carol (Henry Winkler did this one and, though it is hard to find, it a great rendition of the classic tale.)

How about you? Can you make a list of 10 of your favorite Christmas films? Let's see it!


  1. 1. Miracle on 34th Street (Mara Wilson version)
    2. The Grinch (Jim Carey version)
    3. Elf - so funny
    4. Home Alone
    5. Jack Frost
    6. The Santa Claus
    7. Christmas Carol (animated Kate Winslet version)
    8. Nightmare Before Christmas (can't help it, i love it)
    9. Call Me Claus (Whoopi Goldberg)
    10. Jingle All The Way

    I haven't heard of half of yours, will have to look them up.

  2. See, I forgot about "Jack Frost" -- we like that one, too. Kate Winslet has a version of The Christmas Carol? I'll have to check that out. Never heard of "Call Me Claus" but I love Whoopi Goldberg. I knew this was a good idea. I'll get lots of new Christmas movie ideas! Thanks!

  3. I don't think I have 10 favorite Christmas movies. I could list a few if pressed but I don't like a lot of the classic ones.

    1. Love Actually
    2. Charlie Brown Christmas
    3. Scrooged
    4. Miracle on 34th Street (either version)
    5. Grinch (animated, not Jim Carrey)

    I can't think of any others that I like, much less love. Maybe I'm just an old Scrooge myself!

  4. Well, I have an advantage because I ask my family for Christmas DVD's every Christmas. I have a collection of them.

    I like the animated Grinch better, too.
    Thanks for responding!

  5. Love this post, I think I'm going to borrow it this week.

    I love the Muppet Christmas Carol.

  6. Great! Go ahead and I'll come check out the comments you get!