Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Reading My Name Challenge

Well, I have completed another challenge - well, nearly completed. I chose two books to read for the "Reading My Name Challenge" - "Line of Sight" by Sharen Skylar and "The Alleluia Files" by Sharon Shinn.

I chose "Line of Sight" because my first name is Sharen which is fairly uncommon and I was very excited to find an author with the same first name. I've only met 3 other people who spelled their names as I do. My last name also starts with an "S", so I thought it was a double win. However, I really didn't like the book. There was too much sex - violent or potentially violent sex - and it made me very uncomfortable to read it. The cover was pretty though - it was red, one of my favorite colors.

"The Alleluia Files" on the other hand is very good. I'm almost done with it and I like it very much. As you will note, the author's name is also "Sharon" though spelled differently, and her last name also starts with an "S". Sharon Shinn has written a series of books with "The Alleluia Files" being the third one. I chose it because my screenname is Alleluialu. This book stands on its own as well as being part of the series. The story is about a world where angels and humans exist together with the angels as upperclass because they can pray to their "god" and get results. There are two different groups of beliefs about the origin of their world and, of course, the factions go against one another. One family spans the gap having two daughters - one angel and one human, but they don't know about each other. The angel daughter was raised in isolation and is just experiencing the "real world" and the human daughter has struggled in the "real world" all her life. She is looking for "The Alleluia Files" left by an Archangel named "Alleluia" which explains how the original settlers got to their planet and the existence of god as they know it. She is aided by an angel, Jared, who some folks think is in line to be the next Archangel. I can't tell you what happens because, as I said above, I'm nearly done, but not yet. I do recommend this book. I give it 4 stars. I would like to read the rest of the series if I can find the time, many books, so little time...