Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Noble Radiance by Donna Leon

This tale from Donna Leon (Uniform Justice, etc.) finds Inspector Guido Brunetti investigating an aristocratic family with a shady past. When a rural landowner discovers the body of Roberto Lorenzoni, who was kidnapped two years earlier, Brunetti immediately suspects the victim's family. The Lorenzoni clan bears the legacy of betraying the Jews of Venice during World War II, and from these ashes, its members have created a thriving enterprise. Roberto's cousin Maurizio, who's next in line to inherit the family fortune and business, is the logical suspect, but Brunetti senses something more insidious at play. As he works his way through Italian three-course meals and family crises, he uncovers disturbing details about the Lorenzoni family.

Inspector Brunetti is intelligent and resourceful. He is also a sensitive husband and a father who will eat child-made ravioli and ask for seconds. I enjoyed this book and especially the solution of this crime found by Inspector Brunetti. I recommend it to mystery-lovers who also love Italy and anything Italian.