Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Last Summer by Ann Brashares is a love story not only between a young man and a young woman, but between three friends and two sisters. Alice loved Paul for as long as she could remember. Alice's sister, Riley, was Paul's best friend. It made for an uncomfortable situation when Paul discovered he loved Alice, too. They hid their love from Riley, but of course, she found out. Then, Riley found out something else, but to tell you would spoil the book.
Paul's summer house was right beside Alice & Riley's on Fire Island. They grew up "in each other's pockets" so to speak. Paul walked into their house when they were cooking dinner, for breakfast, etc. They had a secret shortcut between their houses, they had a past together. They spent every summer on Fire Island, but lived elsewhere during the off-season. Paul and Alice were in their early twenties when they finally succombed to their attraction to each other. Riley was always the active one, the daring one, the leader of their adventures. They didn't want to mess up their friendships with each other by telling her about their love affair. But she knew...
At first, I didn't think I was going to like this book, but as usual, halfway through I got attached to it. It stirs up emotions in you and they are much heavier than an ordinary romance novel. The writing is done really well, too. You can feel the sand and hear the sea gulls and the ocean. I love the ocean. I read a review of the book before I read it that wasn't very good and it clouded my opinion. I totally disagree now. I think the book is well-written and worth reading. It isn't just a beach read - it gives you the feel of the beach, though.

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