Thursday, July 24, 2014

Book Review: An Ideal Husband by Oscar Wilde


Title: An Ideal Husband
Author: Oscar Wilde
Published: July 1, 1999 by Penguin Books (first published 1895)
Setting: London, England UK

from Goodreads: 

A dazzling blend of farce and morality, An Ideal Husband explores human frailty and social hypocrisy. Sir Robert Chilton's secret is discovered and exposed: he is accused of having exploited government secrets for his own gain early in his political career. With this revelation from Mrs. Cheveley comes the threat of blackmail and the ruin of Sir Robert's career. Yet in order to be a successful blackmailer, one's own reputation must be beyond reproach. 

Alleluialu's Review:

I read this selection for the "Push Your Boundaries" reading challenge. One of the categories was "A Play" and I had read "The Importance of Being Earnest," so I thought I might like this play by Oscar Wilde. I also read it to complete selections spelling out my name and other challenges. It was amusing. Characters were mistaken for one another, there were villians - female ones, and heroines, awkward relationships between fathers and sons, and all the things that happened in English society in 1895. Reading a play was a bit different than a book with chapters because you read Acts and they are much longer. After a while, I hardly noticed that I was reading a play, the action just took place in my head just as with any other book. I enjoyed it very much. 

I gave this selection 4 notes - A Concerto! I really liked this book. You should go find it and read it. You could borrow it from your local library, get it here from here from Barnes & Noble, or here from Books-a-Million. Enjoy! 

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