Friday, November 8, 2013

Christmas Movies - Pete's Christmas

Summary from the Hallmark Channel website:
At 14, Pete Kidder (Zachary Gordon) is sick of being the middle child in his family, always overlooked by his mother and father (Pamela Parker and Rick Roberts). Unlike his brothers, jock Jake (Wesley Morgan) and bookworm Kenny, (Peter DaCunha), Pete hasn't yet developed a distinct personality that sets him apart and he often feels left out. With the kids' grumpy grandfather (Bruce Dern) unexpectedly in town for Christmas, the pressure is on to make the day as great as Grandpa remembers with his late wife, but the holiday is filled with disastrous moments.

Just when things can't get any worse, Pete wakes up the next day and realizes he's reliving December 25th all over again. Stuck repeating the day over and over, Pete panics, but slowly realizes, with the help of his new friend and next door neighbor, Katie (Bailee Madison), that he can use his unique gift for good and give this Christmas day the do-over it deserves. Will Pete eventually have a holly jolly Christmas?

Alleluialu's Review
This movie started out like those other crazy reliving day-after-day-after-day movies - like "Groundhog Day" but with lots of sad things happening to Pete. I mean his parents forgot to buy his Christmas present! He lived through more days than I expected he would have to before he realized what he had to do. The part I liked the best was the time he spent with his grandfather. He said it was really great but his grandfather never remembered it the next day. That reminded me of when my Mother had altzheimer's disease and she didn't remember me. Sad, but in the movie the time they spent together was sweet. Pete found all kinds of things he could do to make it a great Christmas for many of the people around him. Another part I liked was when his father had that lightbulb moment about his father - Pete's grandfather. It was well-played. I felt happy when the movie was over - even though I probably shouldn't have been watching a Christmas movie on November 8th. I have decided I am going to watch as many Christmas movies as I can this year. This is number one! I'll give this movie:

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