Thursday, November 17, 2011

The LOST Perpetual Challenge

I discovered this perpetual challenge to read the books mentioned on LOST!!! I watched ALL the episodes of LOST with my daughter this summer and we are hooked! I am totally in to this challenge!

There is a dedicated blog for the challenge here. These are the details of the challenge:

1)This is a perpetual challenge--which means there's no end in sight! You have plenty of time to read the books mentioned on LOST. It starts for you the moment you sign up!

2) You can choose books from the LOSTpedia Book List, the LOST book club on ABC, or the LOST books list on DarkUFO. Feel free to look in other places as well!

3) Sign the Mister Linky on the dedicated blog with your blog url if you have one, if not with just your name or twitter handle. You can follow us on Twitter at @LOSTreading. Please also consider posting about the challenge on your blog so that others can learn about it!

4) Email to be added as a contributor to the dedicated blog. You can post your reviews in their entirety on the dedicated blog or a snippet with a link back to your blog.

5) You can also post other items and notes of interest to LOST fans on the LOST Book Challenge blog.

6) Have fun! There's no end date so this should be a fun way to revisit our favorite show again and again!

I'm off to sign up and look at those booklists. Who's with me?


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