Saturday, October 1, 2011

Book Blogger Hop 9/30 - 10/3

Book Blogger Hop

It's time for the Book Blogger Hop again! Crazy-for-Books hosts this Hop every weekend. Aren't sure if you are a book blogger??? Here’s HER take: Do you have a blog? Do you blog about books/authors? Do you write book reviews on your blog? Do you rave about books and authors on your blog? Is your blog content primarily about books? Then you are most likely considered a book blogger! So, if you've decided you ARE a book blogger and would like to hop with us, go on over to Crazy-for-Books and link up! But come right back!

Every week we answer a question to help us get to know each other better. This week's question is:

“In honor of Banned Books Week, what is your favorite “banned or frequently challenged book”?”

Click here for 2010-11 list in PDF format. You can also click HERE to view past years and choose from any of those titles!

I find I've read several Banned Books on the 2010-2011 list. My two favorites are:

I couldn't put either of them down. The first was very suspenseful and AWESOME. It didn't give me nightmares, but I'm not 14. The second was "gritty" but AWESOME as well! I wouldn't have liked it if there was too much sex in it. Yes, there was some, but it didn't take away from the story.

Can't wait to read your comments!


  1. The Hunger Games is AWESOME. I've not read Water For Elephants but maybe I should after all the good things I've heard.

    Thank you so much for saying hi & following, followed back! :)

  2. thanks for stopping by my blog-I have not read it yet but the Hunger Games is super big here in Manila

  3. I have to echo Jennifer, above. Thanks for dropping by my blog I also had read quite a few of the books. I was very proud of my high school age niece (who now has two in high school) when I saw her wearing an "I read banned books button!" I will look at your blog! Thanks

  4. Hunger Games has taken the book choice each time 'name a book' question comes up. read very good reviews from fellow bloggers review. on my list to read next year. booked up for remaining year, lol

  5. I've never read the Hunger Games, but it's seems like a favorite everywhere I go!

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting! =D

  6. Sorry to be dropping by a little late! I haven't read The Hunger Games, but I've heard lots of people like them! Thanks for dropping by my blog!