Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Follow the Blurb Challenge

I came across this reading challenge today and thought it sounded really interesting. It's called "Follow the Blurb."
A blurb on the cover of a book is usually written by an author who writes in the same genre, but occasionally you find a quote from a high-profile, but seemingly random author. After noticing a few of these peculiar choices, the host of this challenge started wondering - if she followed the blurbers, where would they lead her?

The plan is simple. Choose a book to read. Once you finish that book, choose a blurb from the front or back cover and read a book written by the quoted author. Read 10 books in this fashion, just to see where you end up. Will all the books have a common theme? Will they be in the same genre? Will all of the authors be the same gender or ethnicity? Will they all have the same publisher? Are they all equally well known? Or will the books appear to be nothing more than a completely random list?

For the challenge, only read books that have blurbs, so given the choice between a few authors blurbing the same book, make sure to choose to move on to an author that has cover blurbs next.

The challenge runs for the year, July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012. I'm going to try it -- even though I don't need to acquire any more books (never stopped me before). If you'd like to try this little experiment with me, go to Reading with Tequila.com leave a comment and sign up. Let's see where this leads!


  1. I am going to try this: http://booksbeyondbelief1.blogspot.com/p/follow-blurb.html

  2. What an interesting idea. I'll be interested to see where it leads you.