Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Monthly Mixer Mele

Monthly Mixer Mele

I know I should limit myself to the number of challenges I do in 2010, but what the heck...there aren't too many strange letters in the names of the months...except maybe "Y". Oh well, I'm in! I just finished a challenge, I ought to start a new one!

Here's what the sign up post says on

All you have to do is read a book that begins with a letter of each month or read a book that begins with the authors name (first or last name, doesn’t matter).

There are 74 letters so you will have to have 74 different books to complete the challenge. Books can however be used to complete other challenges.

You don’t have to do the months in any kind of order, just fill in books as you go along until you have each letter a book by it.

Challenge begins November 1, 2009 and ends November 2, 2010 so you have a whole year to complete! Lets break out them books and get busy!

If you want more information or to sign up, click here.

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  1. Thank you for signing up hon! Just was popping in to see how ya was doing on your challenge! {{{Hugs}}}