Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Innocent Man by John Grisham

"The Innocent Man" is John Grisham's first nonfiction book. I have never read one of his fiction books, so I can't compare them to this one. It was a sad story...not teary-eyed sad, but pathetic sad that someone had to spend most of his life as a pawn in the justice system. The book held my interest all the way through. I liked that it was a true story. Even though some parts were repetitive, it didn't bore me. I really liked it. I wanted to find out what happened and I was sad but satisfied at the end. Some people have written that there wasn't enough suspense, but I don't think that that matters. It's real life and sometimes real life isn't suspenseful. Anyway, I would recommend this book to people who like CSI or the Mentalist or any of the other cop shows on television. It was very good, in my opinion.

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