Saturday, September 26, 2009

Four Month Challenge

The Four-Month Challenge sponsored by Virginia Barbeau is ending September 30th. I've completed the first section for 5 points:

A Chick-Lit Book - "Queen of the Road: A True Tale of 47 States..." by Doreen Orion
Historical Fiction - "City of Dreams" by Beverly Swerling
Like the Cover - "The Magician's Nephew" by C. S. Lewis
Jean Plaidy - "Myself, My Enemy" by Jean Plaidy
Number in the Title - "Three Willows" by Ann Brashares

I read some of the books for the other sections, but this is the only one I have completed entirely. I really enjoyed this challenge because it exposed me to some books I might not have read otherwise. I especially liked the Jean Plaidy book and expect to read more of her in the future.


  1. Hi there. Actually, you get five points for each book you read in those categories. So, you have 25 points! Thanks for joining the challenge and I hope you'll participate in the next one, too :)

  2. I guess I didn't really understand that it was total points from all the categories - I was working on getting one section at a time. I thought I only got the points for the sections I completed. I actually had some books read in other categories, I just didn't count them because the section wasn't complete. That was pretty dumb...I'll know better for the next one! Sorry.