Friday, January 4, 2013

The Christmas Brides by Linda Lael Miller

The Christmas Brides: A McKettrick Christmas\A Creed Country ChristmasThe Christmas Brides: A McKettrick Christmas\A Creed Country Christmas by Linda Lael Miller

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This is the last Christmas book of this season. I've read 4 Christmas novels this year. This book actually contains two Christmas stories: "A McKettrick Christmas" and "A Creed Country Christmas." "A McKettrick Christmas" follows Lizzie McKettrick who is riding a train back to her family for Christmas. The train gets caught in an avalanche and the passenger car almost topples off the tracks. The passengers bind together as a little family and help each other survive the ordeal. Lizzie is accompanied by Whitley Carson who she met at school in San Francisco. Lizzie was sure Whitley would ask her to marry him over the Christmas holidays, but she discovers he is not the man she thought he was. Enter Dr. Morgan Shane, a physician on his way to Indian Rock to set up a practice. He is calm in the face of adversity and wins Lizzie's respect and eventually love. Throughout the wait, interesting and amusing things happen to the victims of the avalanche, and they meet Mr. Christian (Mr. Christmas to the children) who will leave you wondering about Christmas magic.

"A Creed Country Christmas" tells the story of Julianna Mitchell, the teacher at the Indian school, who gathers the children who are left after the government closes down the school and sends all the others away; and Lincoln Creed, a widower who takes Julianna and the children under his wing because they have nowhere else to go. Lincoln is looking for a governess/housekeeper for his daughter, Gracie, who has a strong appetite to learn, and himself. Eventually, he offers Julianna the job and then marries her. He is a strong, compassionate man and I like his character very much. Julianna is a "city girl" who is trying very hard to learn the ways of the country and make a good wife and mother. Other things happen to make this story hold your attention. It's a heartwarming Christmas novel. I recommend it.

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