Saturday, September 18, 2010

Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare

I liked this book although I didn't like it as much as I enjoyed the Mortal Instruments series. I expected to see more of a connection between the two times than just Magnus Bane. I wanted a hint of what was to come and I didn't get that. The thought of clockwork people is kind of creepy to me - not that I can't read creepy things... I guess I just discovered I want my creepy things to be alive, not mechanical. I probably missed a huge point in their significance. It was the beginning of the industrial age with all kinds of inventions on the horizon, but I just found them creepy. However, I am intrigued to find out the lineage of the main characters - which hopefully will be revealed in the remaining books in the series. The conjectures that I formed in my mind about them will make me compelled to read the other two books. I could do without the clockwork people though. Just saying....

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