Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The musical is almost here!

I've been sewing, sewing, sewing for the past 6 weeks on costumes for our high school production of "Thoroughly Modern Millie." I am so sorry to have neglected this blog, but doing these costumes has been a lot of fun. My sister and I set up a sewing room in her sunroom because the light is great there and we spent nearly every day working on flapper dresses, actress dresses, and the infamous 19 black stenog jumpers. Ironically, when the director (also our church choir director) asked us to be in charge of costumes, she said there would be little or no sewing! Ha! We knew that wouldn't be true. Anyway, we scoured thrift shops and ebay for items so we didn't have to sew everything. Most of the students love their costumes - although, you know it was the '20's and women wore loose-fitting, low-waisted, shapeless dresses. These girls are used to wearing fitted clothes and showing their curves. They didn't quite get the 20's mindset. Overall though, the kids are great and wore whatever we gave them. They are working so hard. Many of them learned to tap dance for the first time and they are very convincing. They had a lot of fun painting the sets - there are so many sets - and rolling the "Speed Test" desks around on stage. They ARE the crew, so they move set pieces when they aren't on stage. One set takes 10 students to move. Full dress rehearsal is tonight. I'll take my needle and thread and safety pins and just try to stay out of the way - maybe I can even watch the show! Oh, the theatre...

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