Monday, January 11, 2010

What am I reading? What are you reading?

Well, today is Diana Gabaldon's birthday! I am almost finished with "An Echo In The Bone" - less than 200 pages to go. When I finish it, I will have lots of notches to put on my reading challenges for this year. I'm also reading "Fortunata & Jacinta" by Benito Perez Galdos. My oldest daughter is working toward her Master's Degree in Spanish and she and I talked about this book over the summer. Of course, she read it in Spanish and I'm reading it in English - which actually makes a bit of a difference. The translation notes at the beginning of the book were very interesting. In addition to those two books, I'm reading "Nefertiti" by Michelle Moran as my "women in history" selection for our book club. Each of us is reading about a different woman. And, last-but-not-least, I'm re-reading "The Hobbit" by J.R.R. Tolkein. It's delightful. I'm having wonderful memories from my own life stirred up as well as memories of Bilbo's adventures. I was reading each book for 15 minutes at a time, then I got to a part in "An Echo In The Bone" that intrigued me and the timer went off and was long forgotten until I found out what happened. I'm still reading all 4 books, but I'm trying to get done with "An Echo In The Bone" within the next couple of days in honor of Diana's birthday...and I do have laundry to do...and the Christmas tree to take down...never mind - those things can wait. I have to find out what happens! You can post what you're reading here. Hope you have a great day!


  1. I am still trying to get to Outlander. I need to carve out the time. Happy reading. My Monday:

  2. I've read the first two in the Outlander and enjoyed the first much more than the second. I would at some point like to read the rest. Good for you !! Enjoy your reading week !

  3. I didn't know about Diana Gabaldon's birthday! Thanks for the heads-up!!