Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pendragon by Catherine Coulter

Meggie Sherbrooke is a delightful character. She has been in love with her almost cousin, Jeremy, since she was 13. Unfortunately, Jeremy still thinks of her as a child and sets out to discourage her amour. First of all, he has a fiancee - that's discouraging enough, but he says some obnoxious things about women and how men should treat them. He doesn't really mean the things he says, he's just trying to make Meggie mad at him so she will give up her crush.

Well, Meggie does give up her crush on Jeremy! She meets Thomas Malcombe who teaches her things she is very interested in - like kissing. They have a very quick romance and get married. On their wedding day, Thomas hears Meggie talking to her father about Jeremy and develops a little jealous streak toward him. This affects their wedding night and several other aspects of their relationship. On their honeymoon, they come upon an Inn where a murder has been committed and the innkeeper disappears the next day. They try to discover the culprit and the reason for the crime, but to no avail. So, they continue on to Thomas' home, Pendragon, on the coast of Ireland. Meggie meets Thomas' mother, Madeleine, who doesn't like her very much. Meggie is very anxious to take on the task of running the household - getting it cleaned, having good meals prepared. Then, someone tried to kill her.

The rest of the story deals with Thomas trying to find out who attacked his wife and why. As I said above, Meggie is delightful. She is devoted to Thomas even though there is a twinge of feeling for Jeremy still there - but that is gradually fading.
The book has a lot of sex scenes - not explicit, but nearly so - they are newlyweds after all. In spite of that, the story is a good one. I recommend it.

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