Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Very Different Challenge - Expand Your Horizons

The Push Your Boundaries Reading Challenge 2014
This Challenge will possibly make you uncomfortable - reading books that are out of your comfort zone! But it may open your eyes to something you might enjoy! You never know.
Here is my chart - I couldn't get it to line up in a table:
In My Zone: Debut Authors, YA Fiction/YA Fantasy, Romance, Historical Fiction, Time Travel/Historical Romance, Classics
Read On Occasion: Made Into A Movie, Urban Fantasy/Dystopian, Inspirational Fiction, Set Outside U.S./U.K./Canada, Fantasy, Literary Fiction                
A Bit Of A Stretch: Humor, Sci Fi, Historical Mystery, Memoir/Autobiography, Romantic Suspense, Translated                                   
Pushing It: Mystery/Thriller, Paranormal Fantasy, Poetry, Biography/History, Action/Adventure, A Play
Out Of My Comfort Zone: Horror, Political Nonfiction, Sports, War Novel, Book I am Intimidated By, Graphic Novel
Just For Fun: Book From Birth Year, Reread From Childhood, Short Stories, Food & Cookbooks, 500+ Pager, Banned Book                                        
There it is! I'm planning to track my reads on Pinterest as well. I have to set that up, so I will post about it when I have that done.
If you want to sign up for this challenge, go to Roni Loren Greetings From The Ranch.

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