Monday, August 26, 2013

Unfortunately, I give this book 2 of 5 stars - it was OK.

Hmmm...ordinarily I really enjoy reading Virginia Woolf. Well, admittedly I have only read a couple of her books, but I did enjoy the language in them. I love the way she uses words. However, this book was a bunch of nonsense, in my humble opinion. This quote sums it up: "(and if it is rambling talk, disconnected, trivial, dull, and sometimes unintelligible, it is the reader's fault for listening to a lady talking to herself; we only copy her words as she spoke them, adding in brackets which self in our opinion is speaking, but in this we may well be wrong)." I can't for the life of me figure out the value of this book and what makes it a classic. I will have to look up some analysis of it. I'm sorry, Virginia, but I didn't like it. I have been told I should read, "To the Lighthouse" so perhaps I will try that next.

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