Friday, August 24, 2012

The Royal Sheikh by Kathryn Lane

The Royal SheikhThe Royal Sheikh by Katheryn Lane
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I received this book to review. It was a typical romance novel however, it was set in the Middle East in a country called Bahir. A young architect was splashed by a limo that was arriving as she standing outside a restaurant in London. The man in the limo, the Royal Sheikh, was mesmerized by her and bought she and her friend dinner to make up for the splash. And it went on from there. He happened to see a drawing that she did on the back of a book and he asked her to design a house for him in Bahir. They fell in love; he thought she was using him to advance her career; she found out he was engaged to an Arabian Princess; she goes back to London; he gets out of the engagement and goes to London to find her; she won't have anything to do with him; he gets his assistant to make an appointment with her; he goes; she falls again; he tells her he isn't married; they resume their relationship, get married and go off to live in Bahir in the new house she designed. It was a good story, typical, but good. Sometimes I like to read something light. This was a fun, quick read.

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