Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sisters of the Confederacy by Lauraine Snelling

Sisters of the Confederacy (A Secret Refuge, #2)Sisters of the Confederacy by Lauraine Snelling

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When her sister fights to hold on to the family legacy, Louisa Highwood works tirelessly to save the lives of wounded soldiers. Putting her own safety n the line, she covertly ventures behind enemy lines to procure desperately needed supplies for the army hospital in Richmond, Virginia.Meanwhile, Jesselynn Highwood and her ragtag band of freed slaves and Thoroughbreds seek refuge along the Oregon Trail, unable to imagine what awaits them.An exciting tale of courage, adventure, and romance amid the turbulence of the Civil War.

This is the second in this series by Lauraine Snelling. I liked it just as much as I liked the first one. The book is about Jesselynne Highwood who leaves her ranch in Kentucky with some of her freed slaves and her little brother along with their Thoroughbred horses to travel across the country to Oregon to keep them safe from the ravages of the Civil War. She pretends to be a boy since she got more respect that way and people would deal with her when she wanted to buy supplies and such when they wouldn't have if she was female. As it starts out, the troup is halfway across the States living in a cave (a big cave) outside of Springfield. When the war cstches up with them, they move on to join a wagon train going to Oregon. Jesse's doubts about God and her faith add to the story. Meanwhile, her sisters are living in Richmond, VA, helping out with the wounded men. They discover that one of the wounded men is their brother, Zackary, and that part of their family is reunited. Their home, Twin Oaks, was burnt out by raiders, but their freed slaves hid and came back to try to keep things going -- the tobacco crop, the garden, etc. I really liked the pace of this book. It didn't drag at all. The story kept going from the sisters in Richmond to Jesse in the west and back again. There is a very Christian theme running through it as well, but it isn't overwhelming. It seems as if it should be there. I'm sure there is another volume in the series because they haven't made it to Oregon yet. I'll have to look for it.

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